Butch Belgica an Autobiography: From Darkness to Light

An Autobiography
Author: Butch Belgica 
Published between 1987 and 1991

One journeys through life and his life becomes a book - Creating for him a new totality, and identity without which, such life will be formless, inchoate even.

Bro. Butch Belgica's book is the story of a search for a more profound meaning of life, a deeper sense of worth as a Christian, a life which would fulfill the promises of Genesis: "Then God says, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness."

Bro. Butch's life will not pass as an unremembered season, for his life is a fulfillment of a sacrifice to bring glory to the Lord.

I recommend this book to all believers whose faith in the Lord transcends their own lives.

Nards Jimenez                      
Chairman, Prison Fellowship, Phils.org.

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Abstract: On Dr. Butch Belgica
“I entered the Benedictine Abbey at the age of 11, desiring to be a monk, as my mother, a devout Roman Catholic, had much influence in my formative years. My father, a former Baptist preacher persuaded me out of the Abbey when I got sick. At 16, I figured in a celebrated homicide case; got involved in many more troubles… Convicted, I spent almost 12 years in the National Penitentiary.” Thereafter, Butch became one of the youngest gang leaders of the underworld; was radicalized and indoctrinated into the communist movement. He then started writing for various publications in prison. Released in 1976, he was a changed man, not because prison life reformed him because the Lord Jesus Christ found him and transformed him. Now, Dr. Belgica, is a Christian preacher, reaching young people and parents with God’s message of Love and Life. In the early years of ministry, he pioneered works that directly caused the establishment of congregations here and abroad. Under PROJECT: KRISTIANO, a project for the Department of Education, a large network in campuses initiating cell group bible studies, and prayer meetings had been set up by Philadelphian Porters, a youth ministry he founded. He worked closely with Dr. Jess Pedigo, of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the mission outreaches of World Evangel Aid – a worldwide organization spreading the Gospel, aiding the needy and supporting missionaries. He was God’s steward of the Island Evangel, a 100 ton, 77 footer gospel ship also known as a “floating chapel” that went from islet to islet in the 7,100 island of the Philippine Archipelago, for 10 years. He earned a Masters Degree in Divinity (1989) and his Doctorate in Ministry (1991) from Friends International Christian University, Merced, California, USA.

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