God has a great plan for us - Commissioner Greco Belgica

(from Facebook post, April 28, 2018)

My dear friends, humbly and most respectfully sharing with you po a story I recently shared to a viber group of close friends po.

The man in the middle is Rev Don Stewart. He is an american evangelist who prayed for me when I was a 1 year old baby dying because of pulmonary infection. My mom who is a doctor told my dad that I had 50/50 chances for survival.

Over a breakfast meeting without anyone telling him, he asked my dad if he had a picture of me and told him his son was not going to die. My dad pulled out a picture and they prayed over the picture.

When my dad came back to the hospital, remembering my old state, not knowing if im still alive or not, he opened the door and saw me no longer on my bed, but with my mom playing, with no more dextrose and oxygen miraculously healed in Jesus name.

That miracle changed my dads life. And I wouldn't been here doing what I am doing if this man did not pray for me.

I am now 40 y/o and he prayed for me again for a new chapter the Lord God had opened in my life. And my son DON who is sitting beside him is here to always remind me of the miracle of my 2nd life God gave me through him.

There is nothing impossible with God. And all things are possible to him who believes.

Some trivial facts:

1. Don was 40 y/o when he prayed for me. I am now 40 y/o and he prayed for me again.

2. My dad was working under the office of the President (Marcos) when they met. I am now working under the office of the President (Duterte).

3. I named my son Don because I want him to become a Don. I now realized that he was named Don to remind me that God healed me to give me a testimony to show forth his love and greatness for others to believe. He has a plan and a mission for me and DEATH can not hold me because He is with me and I am IN Him!

4. Today he prayed for my son Don.

If God did it to me, He will do it to you. Only believe, trust God and OBEY His commandments. He loves you, me our loved ones and our country. He has a great plan for those who believe Him.

To my left is Rev Brendon Stewart, myself, Don Stewart, my son Don and my dad Bro Butch Belgica.

God bless!!!


  • Hello Bishop Ven Pariquez,


    Thank you for this comment and note from you. Surely, I will forward this to Bishop Butch so he can read your encouraging message.


  • yes indeed the Plan of God here on earth must fullfilled
    in the life of believers.
    redeeming the time because the days are evil.God Bless us all

    Larry Antonio
  • Dear Comm. Greco & Bishop Butch Belgica

    Indeed God is a miraculous God we served. Thank God for your life testimony.

    I knew Evangelist Don Stewart & I’ve seen many miracles happened in his crusades in the 80s.

    During his Miracle Crusades in Tacloban City year 1982, I was pioneering Pastor (single) in that time, I was a Counselor & my wife Emelda an Usher in that time. We met each other during the Crusade and with much prayers from the team we got married the following year.

    Rev. Don Stewart was instrumentally used by God for our love story. Today we have 3 children with thier family & ministry.

    Me & my wife are serving the Lord’s calling under the Christ Is King Mission Fellowship having some churches in Region 8.

    I am also supervising Auxiliary Chaplains for Transformation Phil’s
    (ACTPhil Chaplaincy) having a 1,000 Volunteer Chaplains Nationwide conducting MRP Values Formation, Federalism & Disiplina Muna in support to PRRD vision for Transformation .

    I met Pastor Jericho Labonete OPARA R8 Coordinator, and I invited him 2 x in my Sunday IBCTV Program to share the Vision of OPARA.

    Thank God for your whole family serving the Lord , to bring righteousness in the Office of our President.

    It is our prayer to support your vision and be a partner someday for the ministry in the government sectors.

    God bless .

    In Him.

    Bishop Ven Padriquez

    Pastor Ven Padriquez

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