The Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage strengthens the resolve of the advocates of SOGIE to push for their bill to become a law.

The reason for the filing of the SOGIE is to redefine biological male and female so that they can justify that male with male or female with female are not "same sex" if their sex orientation and gender identity are according to their definitions and preferences.

The bill is called anti discrimination bill not just SOGIE bill. It's in the guise of preventing abuses against lgbtq+.

You cannot fight something with nothing. You cannot expect to defeat the bill with nothing to offer as alternative to their misleading assertions.
You just can't say no to anti-discrimination without offering a solution to allege discrimination

The biggest problem we have in the lower house of Congress is the Support of Roman Catholic Congressmen for the bill, as advised by pope Francis.

Now tell me! How will you persuade them 180++ RC congressmen not to support the leftists and secular humanists anti-discrimination bill if you don't offer them a correct analysis and version of anti-discrimination.

Thus we are helping formulate a real Anti-Discrimination bill inclusive of all marginalized persons and minority groups. This will help legislators craft a just law on this matter while respecting religious convictions and beliefs.

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