Planting for my food during the lockdown- Commissioner Greco Belgica


I started planting for my food during the lockdown. I realized things may never go back to how it used to be.

This is the new normal. Transactions will be done through the internet, food will be scarce and travelling limited.

On top of everything we are doing at work. (We are working round the clock and on call). I finally had time to be physically present at home and to start one of the things I really wanted to do. To plant food.

One night after weeks of dealing with overwhelming requests, reports and complaints for food, assistance and questions. And weeks of trying to find help and solutions for each of them. (At least for the moment). I realized this will not stop. People are scared and they need food. How much can we give to all of them and we don't have enough.

What struck me deep, was when my partner told me...bro, I'm tired. I sympathized. I cheered us up. I told him we will get through this. Sink or swim. We both wanted to go home. But we couldn't.

We both knew in our heart we cant get tired. We cant loose hope. People are depending on us to get them through this. But the truth is, it really looked hopeless. Not even superman can feed all of them or kill the enemy.

But more so, I know a day is coming when things will get worse. The Bible talks about it.

Where you can have money, but have nothing to buy. The markets will be empty and going out can get you killed. Similar, but worst than what we have now.

What do you do when you have money and power but have nothing to buy and there is nothing you can do? What do you do when no bullet or bomb can kill your enemy?

I prayed, and in the silence, God reminded me about farming. He reminded me about Joseph, how they lived and how they survived. I said that's it. We need to plant our own food.

We need to go back to the land, water and God given resources and reshape our lives. We need to go back to the provinces, where there are vast lands and water that is more than enough for all of us.

I've never planted one food for myself in my life. My backyard was stony and I really didn't know how to plant. But the need was greater, so I started with what I knew, what I had and learned as I went along.

Now my seeds are growing. I have my bahay kubo vegetables in the backyard. When I start harvesting, all I have to buy is rice. And I will survive a lock down even if it takes years and feed my family and entire household.

Whats next for me, is to go home to province and build our farm. I was told to do this a long time ago. I should have done it, but I didn't.

When I was graduating from college, my father once told me, If there is one thing you want to do, read this and do it. You will be a billionaire in 10 years. Then he threw me a feasibility study on me. It was about farming.

I laughed about the idea of me being a farmer. I said it was not for me. I live in the city. I had something else in mind I wanted to be.

But 25 years later, I find myself loving the idea I used to laugh at before. I guess there is just nothing better than an idea reaching its time.

Its time to plant your own food and build your own garden. And if you are blessed to have a big lot. Build your farm. Whatever happens, you wont go wrong. It took me 25 years to realize that you cant loose is in farming.

Gods original design for man is to till garden. When He created Adam, He didn't give him money, buildings, cars and a cellphone. He gave Adam a garden and told him to take care of it with his life.

So to those who has land in the province, Its time to go home, till your land and make your garden. You are more secured that way and there is sure hope for growth.

To those who don't have land in the province, start planting your food in your backyard or pots. Call the Dept of Agriculture for help. They have seeds and they will teach you. Check their Facebook page.

We are now embarking on a project to make idle govt lands available for people who would like to farm. The President loves it and Kuya Bong is all out for it. Your govt is coming together to work on this for you.

I decided to write this, to inspire you and give you hope. Don't plant for money, plant for food. Just trust God and obey Him. Business will grow out of it.

My friend told me, life has changed bro. And the faster we realize it, the faster we will recover. He's right. Life has changed.

The future is in the province and planting is the future and past both at the same time. This is the new normal.

Happy planting. We heal as one.

BTW, don't forget your guns and practice using it. For we ought to be farmers in the morning and soldiers at night.

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