Statement of Bishop Butch Belgica as appointed Presidential Adviser


For the prestigious position of Presidential Adviser for Relgious Affairs, I am overwhelmed with joy and that awesome feeling of gratefulness. Thank you Mayor Rody.

As Adviser For Religious Affairs, my primary concern is concretizing President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's vision of a God-fearing nation endowed with liberty, truly free to worship the true and living God, Creator of the universe.

It is, particularly, the evil infestation of drugs that he wants removed. He is determined to stop the destruction of Filipino youth, our posterity. And consequently, he desires the transformation of broken lives that were ruined by substance abuse. These are which he wants addressed.

President Rodrigo Duterte launched a no nonsense Kontra Droga campaign for the sake of keeping our nation a wholesome place to live in, with a vibrant Filipino society in an atmosphere of love and freedom. This Kontra Droga initiative will prevent the disintegration and denigration of more Filipino families.

BTW as a Presidential Adviser for Religious Affairs to the Head of State, I serve gratis et amore since the position is in line with the Lord's highest calling in life which rejects hirelings. Furthermore, my agenda should correspond with President Duterte's agenda. If it isn't, then I have no business being there.

I receive the responsibility as God-ordained. May I be a blessing to the President, in particular, and to our people and nation, in general.

Long live the President and our beloved nation!

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