Who says church was born on Pentecost?

By: Dr. Grepor "Butch" Belgica
Wow! who says "church" was born on Pentecost? Religion?! 

The word Church was mis-translated from the Greek word Ekklesia meaning "called out" to assemble, as one group or people., nation. Church is Chir-che or Kirke in Greek. It is also the root word of Zirkoh, circus in English. In short, the word "Church" was not even the Scriptures. It was just inserted by religionists.

The first "called out" was Enoch before the Deluge; then Noah and his family during and after the Deluge; then Abraham and his tribe after the Babel Dispersal, when God required circumcision for all males in Covenant with YHWH; then Israel as a sanctified nation given the Torah as their "Constitution" which came from 4 different mothers; then, the Holy Nation in Christ many days after the ascension, given the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day (Yom Chamishshiyim).

There are clear distinctions between the Feasts of First fruits with Weeks of 7 and Day of Pentecost.

The first-fruits Shavuot is Covenant day - Bethrotal!

A blessed Covenant Day to you!

Below is an excellent teaching video on Pentecost (Yom Chamishshiyim). My only comment is that they failed to make a clear distinction in terminology between the 7 Weeks (Shavuot to Firstfruits) and the next 7weeks + 1 day (Shavuot-Yom Chamishshiyim).


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